9 Ways Men Can Elevate Their Casual Style

So, you’ve finally decided to upgrade what’s in your closet. While some men don’t put much thought into how they dress, you know how you present yourself matters. You want to be comfortable and casual but still want to look your best. Whether you already have a few good pieces to work with, or you’re starting at the beginning, here’s everything you need to know before revamping your wardrobe.

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1. Let the Accessories Do the Talking

If you prefer a casual look, then let your accessories be the pop that grabs people’s attention. This is the easiest way to start transitioning your look now—and a way to treat yourself. Discover how a necklace, bracelet, pocket square or watch can upgrade any outfit. Gold chains for men are a great way to show a little swagger while staying casual. And the best part? Gold chains pop best against a dark background, so choosing an outfit will be easy.

2. Chinos Are Your Best Friend

Chinos are one of the hottest fashion trends, and they have only gained traction over the past few years. As a result, many workplaces like Goldman Sachs have relaxed their dress codes, swapping suits and ties for chinos and sport coats.

Chinos are incredibly versatile twill pants made from a cotton-synthetic blend. They come in many colors, and there are different fits for every body type, including straight, slim and relaxed. Pay attention to the length of the chinos as well. For most men, the hems should skim the top of your shoes just below your ankle, which gives you a chance to show off some creative, fun socks that reflect your personality.

Another fashion favorite is the five-pocket chinos, which come in handy when you need a place to keep your wallet, phone and keys from meeting to meeting—or from the golf course to dinner.

3. Quality Is What Counts

No matter if you love to show off designer logos or tend to dress more minimally, quality is the most important part of your wardrobe. From t-shirts to accessories, buying quality pieces will ensure that they last you longer than a cheaper, knock-off version.

It’s alright if you can’t afford to buy everything that is top quality. Start with a few pieces that you know you’ll never get tired of wearing. If you want an elegant, gentlemanly vibe to any outfit, Rolex watches for men are a great choice. This investment piece is an excellent choice for your casual wardrobe and an addition to your collection that will be one-of-a-kind for decades to come.

4. Layers, Layers, Layers

Casual doesn’t mean lazy or sloppy. Instead, add depth and variety to your look by experimenting with layers. For example, wearing a nice pair of denim jeans with a Cuban link chain and a bomber jacket will give you a sophisticated look without breaking a sweat.

In the winter months, pairing a sweater with some flannel or plaid button-up shirts and a stylish winter coat will make you look classy and composed—even if the weather gets frightful.

5. Own a Range of Footwear

We all know that one guy who only owns one pair of shoes. Don’t make the same mistake! Wearing high-quality shoes that fit the occasion will raise your vibe instantly. Switch the sneakers for a nice pair of Chelsea boots, loafers or dress shoes—and make sure that you have both blue and black so that you have options when building your outfit.

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6. Add a Neutral-Toned Sport Coat

Sport coats are on the fancy end of casual, but they are the perfect choice for those special occasions. From weddings to the office, sport coats are flattering and sharp. While they are the least formal of jackets, they enhance your natural body shape by broadening and heightening a man’s shoulders and slimming the midsection. If you want to get a bit fancier, you can mix up your look with a patterned sport coat mixed and matched with some simpler pieces in the rest of your wardrobe.

7. When in Doubt, Go with Dark, Fitted Jeans

Chinos may be your best friend, but a pair of dark, fitted jeans is your ride-or-die. This is because they are the perfect base for any outfit and are as easy to dress up as they are to dress down. Wear them with a soft linen shirt and brown shoes or loafers in the summer. You can also switch it up and add a black T-shirt, a neutral sport coat and a gold chain.

8. Pay Attention to the Fabric

Not all clothes are made equal. When picking out new clothes, feel the fabric and check the tag. For example, cashmere is soft and is known to be very warm, while linen is light and breezy. Layering cashmere might be harder than linen if you get hot quickly. Keeping the material of your clothes in mind when you dress will keep you as comfortable as you are confident.

9. Consider the Fit

If you’re spending time and energy on elevating your look, getting your clothes fitted to your silhouette is the best way to maximize your accomplishments. Don’t worry if you don’t have any sartorial skills; reach out to a tailor in your area. You will be amazed at how much a few small changes can make an outfit even more impressive.

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It’s Time to Take Your Style to the Next Level

Surprise the people in your life by giving yourself a glow-up. Making simple choices like adding a gold chain or accentuating your natural shape with a neutral sport coat is all it takes to boost your style. Whatever you choose, you’re ready to go out and share your charismatic, charming self with the world.



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