The Truth About Customized Skincare: Is It Worth The Hype?

Customized or personalized skincare is the latest big trend in the skincare industry. But is it just another fad, or can it really deliver? Hanieh Sigari, founder of customized skincare brand Qyral, explains why customized skincare is the future of your beauty products.

What is Customized Skincare?

Customized skincare formulates products for each individual, based on their skin’s unique needs. Have you ever bought a product that was designed for your skin type, only to get unexpected results? It’s happened to all of us. The truth is, there aren’t five or six or seven skin types — there are more than seven billion. One for each of us.

Off-the-shelf products usually address one primary problem, like dryness or oil production. But most people have more than one skincare concern. What if you want to treat acne and uneven pigmentation? Or dry skin and rosacea? It becomes harder and harder to find products that will treat all your problems. And using several products is expensive and risks one counteracting another.

Ultimately, off-the-shelf products produce okay results. But to get the best, most effective results, you need skincare that’s made for you.

In the past, that meant expensive visits to dermatologists with long wait times and eye-watering fees. The infrastructure simply didn’t exist to produce individual products on a large scale. But thanks to technology innovations, customized skincare products are possible for everyone. And for a fraction of the price they used to cost!

How Are Skincare Products Customized?

At Qyral, we use a proprietary computer algorithm to assess your skin based on your feedback to a simple, brief questionnaire. This identifies the best ingredients to tackle your skincare complaints. Then we calculate the right concentration and pH for your skin’s unique needs. You get a product that’s right for you, because it was made for you.

The process is insanely complex, and would take one person a long time to develop. That’s why customized skincare was so rare and expensive in the past. It’s only because of technological advances that we can now produce customized skincare products at scale.

The most exciting thing about these developments is how they’re getting better and faster all the time. Personalization used to stop at choosing the right ingredients for each individual. But now we can also adjust their concentration, match their acidity to your skin’s natural or desired levels, and so much more!

Customized skincare is getting better every single day. These are products that are made for you, meaning they always work, and they can even adjust to your lifestyle and biological changes. If you move from a dry to a humid environment, or go through pregnancy or menopause, or experience any other changes that impact your skin, your customized skincare products will evolve with you.

The Future is Customized!

Now beauty companies have unlocked the secrets of customized skincare, why stop there? Customization has so much potential for everything from dietary supplements and medication to toothpaste, protein bars, and so much more!

We all know we look and feel better when we tailor things just for us. Nobody dresses quite like we do. Nobody has the exact same diet or workout routine. We are all unique individuals, with unique, individual needs. Thanks to the power of customization, we can make the products we consume as unique as we are. With so much possibility available, why would you choose anything else?

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